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btPHP Release Notes
1.3.2 [2004-03-30]
  • [admin] Moved page size and confirmation settings from global config to user preferences.
  • [mod_news] Added News Archive page that displays past news by page.
  • [mod_news] Added post images and user avatars. Look in the new news.tpl or news.tpl.php for usage examples.
  • [mod_news] Added title field to news posts. Look in the new news.tpl or news.tpl.php for usage example.
  • [mod_news] Tweaked associate news on index page to still display news after the date of the latest comic, just not before.
  • [templates] Updated to Smarty 2.6.2.
1.3.1 [2004-01-24]
  • [mod_banner] Added basic support for Flash banners. Usage is demonstrated in banner.tpl (for Smarty) and banner.tpl.php (for old templates), but you can also use it in header.tpl.php (old templates) by replacing the existing banner code with that from banner.tpl.php.
  • [mod_news] Added option to associate news with comic on index page in addition to the archive pages.
  • [templates] Added a variation of mypage.php as mytemplate.php that shows how to make a custom page with its own template file. See the included README.HTML for more information.
  • [templates] Now includes Smarty 2.6.1.
1.3.0 [2003-07-30]
  • [admin] Added more sophisticated session management. It is now possible to login with a browser that has cookies disabled.
  • [admin] Added new variable in config.inc.php to make script use https://.
  • [mod_backup] Added option to select which tables to restore from a backup file.
  • [mod_comic] Tweaked implementation of Content Filename option for image cloaking.
  • [mod_comic] Added title attribute to links in archive page that will show up on mouseover in most browsers.
  • [mod_news] Users can now explicitly set the post time for news posts. Posts with times set in the future will not be displayed until that time.
  • [templates] The template directory can now be moved to a location on the server that isn't visible from the web. See config.inc.php.
  • [templates] Added support for Smarty template engine. See the Smarty section of README.HTML for more information.
  • [templates] When using Smarty, page output can be cached to reduce CPU load. See the Smarty section of README.HTML for more information.
1.2 [2003-07-20]
  • Support for multiple news/rant columns has been added. For information on the usage of this feature, see the Multi-Rant section of README.HTML.
  • The "Archive Cell Color" option has been removed and replaced with CSS. The archive page will output each month's table with a class="cal", each weekday list with class="cal-week", and each row with class="cal-row". See header.tpl.php from the default template to see an example of how to customize these.
  • There is now an easier way to add pages to your site that will automatically use the same templated header and footer, but that don't actually use btPHP. For directions on how to use this, see the Custom Pages section of the README.HTML.
  • A new variable, NEWS_INDEX, has been added to news.tpl.php that allows the user to specify HTML that does not get displayed for the first news item. This is useful for placing a separator between news items.
  • A new variable, COMIC_INDEX, has been added to comic.tpl.php that is analogous to NEWS_INDEX.
  • A new variable, BANNER, has been added to header.tpl.php that allows the user to create a conditional that prevents the inclusion of the banner code when there are no banners to display. The NEWS variable in index_body.tpl.php and view_body.tpl.php can also be used in this manner. Such usage is demonstrated in the default template files.
  • When comic cloaking is on, comic.php will now use a Content-Disposition header to indicate to the browser a recommended name for the image file. This is useful for users who right click the comic to save it to disk.
  • View and Click counting has been added to mod_banner, as well as an optional viewcount limit for each banner.
  • Two new options have been added to the Add News admin panel. The first allows the user to disable HTML in that particular post, which makes using special characters like <> easier. The second enables automatic newline-to-<br> conversion for the post, so the user doesn't have to remember to use <br>.
  • Backup format has been updated to support NULL columns. The script can still read backup files from previous versions. However, backups created with this version or later cannot be read by previous versions.
  • The admin interface has undergone a few minor changes, the most significant of which is that the link back to site index is now above the sidebar rather than within the menu. Don't worry, you'll get used to it.
  • The default HTML template has been given a slightly less austere look. Very slightly. In fact it's almost more austere.
1.12 [never released]
  • I never got around to releasing 1.12, so its release notes have been incorporated into those of 1.2.
1.11 [2003-04-26]
  • Minor updates to module system.
1.1 [2003-04-23]
  • IMPORTANT: The administration directory (btphp/) has been renamed to btpadmin/. Feel free to delete the old one.
  • Major restructuring of the btPHP core has been done. It is now modularized, making it easier to add custom pages and admin sections. It is also now possible to remove core modules that you don't need, in order to streamline the system.
  • Minor fixes/updates.
1.03 [2003-04-06]
  • User permissions can now be fully customized.
1.02 [2003-03-22]
  • Added backup and restore ability.
1.01 [2003-03-21]
  • Paginated the comics, news, and user management panels in admin.
  • Made error messages more friendly.
  • Added (optional) confirmation of admin operations.
  • Added (optional) random banner system.
1.0 [2003-03-15]
  • Initial release.
Release Notes

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